KE Agri introduces new reclaimer to US market

Dec 20, 2023

World Grain

REGENCY PARK, AUSTRALIA — KE Agri International launched a new reclaimer for unloading grain in the United States.

KE, a supplier of mobile machinery, launched its latest model reclaimer into the international market. Demonstrations of its BunkerSweeper600 are planned at US grain facilities in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota in March 2024, following GEAPS Exchange, which is scheduled for Feb. 24-27 in Kansas City, Missouri, US.

The BunkerSweeper600 by KE Agri International will be introduced in the United States.

The BunkerSweeper600 is designed to make reclaiming grain from temporary storage, grain piles or sheds, directly into road trucks quick and easy, reducing operating costs for grain distributors and handlers, with its superior safety features making it the safest reclaimer machine in the market.

“Our new model reclaimer is self-propelled (using hydraulic drives) which meets the needs of operators seeking an alternative to using front-end loaders or other less efficient mobile plant to recover products from open stacks and piles or from shed storages,” said Jason Kilic, managing director of KE. “Its maneuverability, one-person operation and suitability to handle all grains, including corn, oilseeds and pulses makes it a valuable addition to agribulk handling operators across the globe, with remote control modern, automation ready technology a key feature of the new machine.”

The self-propelled unit has a capacity of 600 tonnes per hour (tph) (wheat at 800 kgm-3) or 22,000 bushels equivalent and can be used to direct feed into road trucks or into other portable conveyors to outload product from the storage pile, providing additional flexibility for the operator.

“Its swing conveyor offers multi-directional feed, whilst hydraulic steering, the ability to have its height adjusted to allow for various ground levels and pneumatic tires providing stability and traction, are other features of the new reclaimer,” Kilic said.

The BunkerSweeper600 is compact, which enables it to be easily driven onto on and off a flattop trailer and transported from site to site as a standard semi-trailer load in most jurisdictions.

KE has been designing and building material handling equipment for the grain industry for more than 50 years.

Susan Reidy
World Grain, December 2023

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