With KE machines being part of the ship loading process at Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Ceduna and Phu My in Vietnam, you can count on KE to move your bulk materials around the port and onto vessels. Whether you are after a dump and go solution to service truck laden deliveries, loading commodities into containers or in need of conveyors or dust-control, KE understands your operation and has a track record of delivering solutions.

In-ground and above ground drive over hoppers, container inverter/loaders, elevators, augers, trippers and conveyors have all been used by KE and combined with flow valves, diverter valves, gas tight valves and chute work to move commodities around ports.

KE is acutely aware of port security, safety and scheduling requirements and collaborates effectively with the customer to deal with these complexities to carry out installation, maintenance or repair work.

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