Working for industries from consumer goods manufacture to automotive to food manufacture and almost everything in between, KE have assembly lines and component conveying systems at their core.

Manufacturers such as Seeley International, General Motors and Macro Meats have relied on KE to complete projects that save time, reduce manual handling and improve quality.

KE material handling expertise has and can be deployed in the defence, automotive, consumer goods, food and wine production industries.

The tried and tested methods KE have applied over its forty-three-year history of installing large material handling equipment and moving materials through assembly lines are equally applicable to defence manufacturing operations

KE has vast experience in installation work ranging from major conveyor systems, automated robot lines and large-scale press installation. We design and manufacture manipulators, lift and drop towers and much, much more for the automotive sector.

KE’s designers and engineers can assist with moving consumer products through assembly lines and manufacturing processes. From sorting the post to lifting air-conditioners, KE will design, manufacture, install and provide ongoing support to your consumer goods operation.

Bespoke solutions for the food processing and manufacturing industry.

Fabrication of sturdy equipment for the recycling and waste management industry.

KE has delivered customised solutions to port operations throughout its history and more recently has supplied truck to vessel solutions into Asia.

From the mine site through the processing plant and at the terminal, KE provides material conveying solutions that are built to last.

When it comes to dealing with abrasive and corrosive materials, KE has a record of delivering robust, tough and functional material handling systems that integrate with your new or existing mineral processing plant.

Heavy duty equipment that effectively deals with the volume and abrasion of quarried materials is within the expertise of KE.

Leading the Australian market with the self-propelled BunkerSweeper and BunkerStacker products is a culmination of over forty years of providing solutions to the agriculture industry. Our experience empowers us to offer a variety of configurations to suit your application. We understand every site and clients’ requirements are different, that’s why we treat each project individually. Even our products can be customised to your requirements.

Applying exceptionally stringent design, manufacturing and installation standards to our projects enable us to complete all facets safely, on time and within budget whether the project is as small as a single diverter valve or a complete grain handling system that includes storage silos, hoppers, elevators, conveyors and container inverters.

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