(Bunker Stacker 3750)

Big Roo (Bunker Stacker 3000)

Joey (Bunker Stacker 2000)

KE BunkerStacker Technology

Over the forty-five years that KE has been operating, it has often, if not always been at the cutting edge of agricultural technology. The KE BunkerStacker range is a prime example with a choice of machines to suit commodity handling operations in Australia and around the world.

Are you an entrepreneurial handler of niche grains, pulses or oil seeds that is looking to grow, gather more product and get trucks really moving through your storage and handling operation?

Perhaps the operation you run dedicates a lot of time to managing traffic, sweeping up spilled product and waiting for commodity handling equipment to move around your site.

Or maybe you want to lead the market by moving commodity in and out of your handling facility with the best technology on the market.

Whichever the case, KE has a solution for you. Designed and manufactured in our South Australian facility, the BunkerStacker range is perfect for grain trading operations, vertically integrated mills and production facilities, traditional grain handlers and any company that has an agricultural product handling aspect to their operations.

These products have been continuously developed and improved since 1999 and today, features can include the following:

  • Rapid intake: Product moves fast with design capacity ranging from 400 to 750 tonnes per hour (clean wheat on the belt).
  • Product integrity: The equipment is gentle on your commodity with belt conveyors being used for the majority of material handling tasks.
  • Portable and versatile: No need for external propulsion or power. Generators are on board and hydraulic drives make the machines self propelled.
  • Safe and easy to use: It’s the little things like hydraulic jacks, automated take-up systems, on board compressors, pendant controls, shade canopies, easy approach ramps and maintenance features that make the BunkerStacker range loved by operators and truck drivers.

Joey (BunkerStacker 2000)

Big Roo (BunkerStacker 3000)

Super Roo (BunkerStacker 3750)

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