Bunker Sweeper600

US Patent No. 10457505
AU Patent No. 2016282069

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BunkerSweeper600 Factsheet
KE BunkerSweeper600 Site Testing

The BunkerSweeper600 is designed to make reclaiming grain from your temporary storage or shed, into trucks quick and easy.

The “self-propelled” BunkerSweeper600 is perfect for grain distributors and handlers.

The BunkerSweeper600 is quick and easy to transport. Essential design elements make the unit safe and easy for one person to operate.

The BunkerSweeper600 has a design capacity of 600 TPH (22,000 bushels) and can be used to direct feed into trucks or directly into our BunkerStacker giving it great versatility.

Kilic Engineering (KE) has been designing and building material handling equipment for the grain industry for over 50 years.

Capacity: 600 TPH (22,000 bushels)
Self-propelled (hydraulic drives)


  • Suitable for all grains
  • Design capacity 600 TPH (22,000 bushels) @800kg/m³ free-flowing wheat
  • Self-propelled (hydraulic drives)
  • Able to be towed
  • Swing conveyor gives multi directional outload feed
  • Height adjustable to allow for various ground levels
  • Pneumatic tyres providing good stability and traction
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Drive on, drive off loading for transit


  • Reduces operational costs
  • Single operator
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Guarded and safe
  • Multiple out loading options
    • Direct into Truck
    • Direct into BunkerStacker
  • Multi-purpose
    • Reclaim from bunker / ground pile
    • Reclaim from shed
KE BunkerSweeper600 on truck
KE BunkerSweeper combined with BunkerStacker
KE BunkerSweeper600 Outloading into Truck
2023 model with feed augers
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