Kilic Engineering has over the past 35 years of operation supported and donated it’s time, money and materials to various groups and projects across the state. Pledging thousands of dollars in support to charities, sporting and community organisations from the city to the regional areas has allowed Kilic Engineering to help many communities and disadvantaged people from various walks of life. 

Kilic Engineering has also a long history of supporting local sporting clubs in particular the Adelaide Croatia Raiders Soccer Club and Sturt Football Club and views this association as helping to improve awareness of health and well being in the community by the promotion of sport.

A sample list of Clubs and charities supported:

  • Sturt Football Club
  • Adelaide Croatia Raiders Soccer Club
  • Croatian Sports Centre
  • Childhood Cancer Association
  • Phoenix Society
  • Blind Welfare Association
  • Rotary Club of South Australia
  • Drug Arm Australia
  • National Cancer Foundation
  • Blind Sporting Association
  • Australian Lions Club
  • The Epilepsy Centre of South Australia
  • Spastic Centres